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Einsam durch die Nacht...

Trägt der Wind

8 February 1985
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Hmm.... I always hate doing these things... but I'm slowly finding my feet on this so here's a quick(ish) about me:

I live in Scotland, I can speak English (obviously) and German and a little Russian, I love animals and I am quite a sociable person I would guess... I love music, writing, reading, shopping, travelling...

I big passion of mine is music, being mostly of the indie/rock persuasion, but I can tempted by other types of music too as long as it has a good beat or lyrics to it!

I also like TV shows which include: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, White Collar, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, Dark Angel, Buffy, Angel, Alias...

While I also love movies, I can't possibly to begin to name favourites, so I mostly like Thrillers, World Cinema, Indie movies, Dramas... I don't do chick flicks, ever. They make me sad.

I've just recently joined LJ and returned to writing again, and this seems like a good place to put my stuff up :). So while this will be filled primarily with stories, you may also find the odd ramblings of mine about holidays, tv shows yadda yadda yadda....

I'm happy for people to link my stories anywhere, I really don't mind and I am very honoured that people are doing this, I can't express in words how much it means :) - I'd like it if you could let me know so that I can give thanks and/or credit where it's due :)

I'm always happy to have more friends on my flist and I'm always happy to add back!

Hmmm..... I really can't think of anything to put here but if there's anything you wanna know please do ask :)